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The theme of the building is the connection between nature AND 21th century high-technology. Our assumption is that the degree of technological progress is reached (or will reach very shortly) a level when it is possible to work together with nature instead of work against (conquer) nature.


We are facing a paradigm shift, the new era of technology will not dominate and ruin nature as it has been happening since the Industrial Revolution. The new era will be based on technologies work in harmony with nature to secure the future of mankind. ​ There are two ways to step into the new era. We can and will use the most up-to-date technology available not to harm nature (ground/air source heat pumps, waste heat from the plants, green roof, rainwater and grey water harvesting, recycled building materials, low carbon-footprint materials, etc.) BUT we are not naïve, we know that these technologies are represent only the very first steps of the new era. If we extend the technological progress of the last 300 years to the next 300 or just to the next 50 years we can be sure, everything we use today is Stone Age technology compare to the future. For the reason of these as architects we have to turn our focus onto another dimension of thinking. We have to start to think in analogies and use symbolism. The building should use different architectural solutions to set up analogies and symbols to express the need of the new era. There should be a sharp-thin-line between the forest and the high-technology. A simple glass pane will represent the need to be close to nature, to work together with nature closely. This sharp line eliminates the in-between zones where we could accumulate rubbish and use as a no-man’s land between us and nature.

It makes clear that there is no us and nature, we have to learn to be part of the one-world-system.



Chepstow, Wales


Private Client


912 m2


Concept stage



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