A9 Architects is a London based architectural practice.

We are a dynamic, innovative and creative team of architects, designers, planning consultants and engineers.


Who we are

A9 Architects is one of the most progressive and professional architecture practices worldwide.



Whether you are a property developer, business owner or private client, we treat each project as a unique commission and as an opportunity to create beautiful, distinctive, and at the same time perfectly functional spaces, no matter the scale of the project.


At A9 Architects we like to put ourselves in our client’s shoes to understand the design task the best. Our starting point is always what buildings can do for people and local communities.

We use cutting-edge technology from the very beginning of the project, with our in-house 3D tools, walkthroughs, and Virtual Reality models. These will be presented to you at every stage, and the proposed design will be updated and improved until you are completely happy with your project.





A9 Architects take pride of their architectural design skills and are delighted to have distinctive projects that have been first and top three place winners of prestigious international architectural competitions.


This recognition, together with the positive feedback we receive from our clients, gives us the confidence to approach any architectural design challenge successfully.


Social and Environmental Responsibility

We are driven by an ambition to enable architecture to become a sustainable change agent. Our starting point is always what buildings can do for people and local communities.



Alan Green

Studying at Greenwich University where he was a nominee for the RIBA Presidents Medal. Alan has now over 12 years experience working within the construction and architectural industry. Working for a RIBA architect he dealt with a wide varity of projects from new build, commerical projects, public building to zero carbon homes, each project required extensive planning and construction expertise.

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Akos Doboczi

Akos has been a qualified architect for more than 10 years and has worked as a project architect on international projects for different practices in London and Budapest before founding A9 Architects Ltd. With a focus on sustainable design he can apply his knowledge to both traditional and high-tech solutions.

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