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Private Houses

Welcome to our private client's page



At A9 Architects we like to get into our client’s heads. To delve in and extract the What, When and Why of the project. The needs of you - the client - is our primary concern. Every family and household live their lives differently, that requires a bespoke design, tailored to your lifestyle and tastes.


Initial contact with us - This can be undertaken via the phone, where the project can be outlined, and verbal advice is given. The main particulars of the project can be discussed. This allows A9 to advise on the likelihood of the project being viable. We can check your site online, which normally provides useful information about the site/existing building(s) at this early stage of a project. If the project is feasible, then we would arrange a site visit and a face to face consultation.


Site visit - At this stage, A9 likes to visit the site and meet you face to face. This allows us to see the site in more detail, check local conditions such as architectural contexts, trees, traffic, drainage, neighbours etc...

We will then discuss the project in detail, finding out the exact particulars/requirements of the proposed design. We will walk the site, make notes, sketch out basic design proposals and show A9’s previous projects that a relevant to your proposal. The more information you the client can provide at this stage will allow us to design draft a detailed brief bespoke to you.


Read more about the next stages of the ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION process on the first pages of our private client's brochure.


Below you can check through a few private houses we have designed in the last years. For a bit larger selection of works, please browse through our online brochure.


Selected Private House projects of A9 Architects

5-Bedroom countryside house in East Anglia  status: completed

6-Bedroom Detached House - Chigwell - London  status: completed

6-Bedroom Detached House - Hornchurch, Emerson Park - London   status: completed