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90 High Road

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Quotation from Design and Access Statement:


"The ground floor comprises of 11 Essex-standard size - partly under croft - parking spaces. These parking spaces cannot be seen from the street as the front elevation is fully enclosed.The building has one main staircase that can be accessed directly from the street - through stairs and through an accessible ramp - and directly from the parking lot through an access corridor.


The ground floor also comprises two 2-bedroom and two 1-bedroom flats. All ground floor flats have a piece of private garden with patio area separated with a low-level wall from the communal garden area. The rest of the ground floor garden is communal and there are two accesses to the rear part of it, one directly from the main staircase and one from the parking area. The main staircase and circulation area of the building contains a lift and some communal storage space on each floor for prams and bicycles. In the circulation area there is also space for the utility meters on each floor and letter boxes on the ground floor.


The first floor comprises five 2-bedroom and one 1-bedroom flats. All flats have at least one balcony or loggia giving some private amenity. The second floor comprises two 2-bedroom flats with large roof terraces on both sides of the building and one 1-bedroom flat."





NRP Development


13 units


Near Completion



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