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Seafront House

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"Many architectural theorists interpret modern versus traditional architecture dichotomy as a globality versus locality issue. In this field of argument modern means international, rootless, uniform architecture that has the lack of relations, connections, interactions with its locality, even if it happens to be a good quality design. Traditional means the opposite, regardless of the quality of the design. As a general, simplified principle this could be correct, although it does not mean that we should make this simplification on every occasion. There are not just endless number of exceptions on both sides, but there are strong movements seeking to exceed these simplified ideas.

“Critical Regionalism” is one of these progressive approaches that seeks to dissolve the above contradiction. Our design is based on some key principles of critical regionalism. We studied the locality intensively, we tried to map all possible characteristics and parameters of Undercliff Gardens, and this not included only the built environment, but all other natural and artificial aspects of the ‘place’. We also studied the history of the area.


Our design proposal grows out of Undercliff Gardens and the site where it sits. We did not copy or implement an existing contemporary architectural style or trend, but we developed the design from its environment and from the personality of our client." 


Quote from the Planning Statement by Akos Doboczy



Leigh On Sea


Private Client


200 m2


Under construction



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